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Gyro Roller

The Tenga Gyro Roller will convert your Tenga Cup onacup into a vibrating sex machine. Recommended for three specially created cups (Rolling Tenga Gyro Roller Cup, Rolling Tenga Gyro Roller Cup Soft, and Rolling Tenga Gyro Roller Cup Hard), which are available as optional extras, it is also compatible with various other previous Tenga Cup toys.

Just slot your cup into the Tenga Gyro Roller and let it buzz you to heaven and back. Control the speed and direction of the buzzing by tilting the toy and letting the gyro sensor take care of the rest.

Rolling Tenga (Regular , Soft , Hard)

The Rolling Tenga Gyro Roller Cup is an attachment for the Tenga Gyro Roller, which is available as an optional extra if you don’t have it yet. Use it in combination with the Gyro Roller and this cup will provide awesome stimulation on your manhood as it spins and gyrates.

The interior is designed with an intricate tunnel bristling with ribs, swirls, bumps, and orbs. These alone are intense enough, but when powered by the Gyro Roller they transform into incredible sensations all contained within the compact wonder of this cup.