Just what women want: with its oval head, innovative vacuum technology, and touch-free massage effect, this love toy provides an extra dose of pleasure.
To turn your love toy on, all you have to do is press the small button at the bottom for 2 seconds to activate the lowest massage setting on the Satisfyer Pro 2.


Spread your labia apart a little to free your clitoris.
With gentle pressure, place the oval head on your clitoris, making sure the head is situated comfortably in the hollow.
Once you’ve found the ideal position, you won’t need to move the lovely again.
A little secret tip from us: if you use a water-based lubricant, it will work even better!
This feeling can only be topped by using it underwater as this will make the pulsations even more intense.
If you want to increase the intensity, briefly press the larger oval button.
Every time you press this button, it will increase the intensity by one level.
There are 11 levels of intensity for you to choose from.
Once you’ve reached level 11 you can gradually reduce the intensity again by pressing the larger oval button.
The LED on the control panel will remain lit whilst the love toy is in use.
To turn the love toy off, simply hold down the smaller button.
Even if you prefer it dirty in bed, cleanliness is important!
Your Satisfyer Pro 2 is waterproof and very easy to clean – you can even use a cotton bud to clean the nozzle.


This will ensure you can enjoy it for a long time to come.
All you have to do is leave it to work its magic for a while and then wipe it off with a soft, lint-free and clean cloth – and you’re done!
A stroke of genius: this product is rechargeable and has easy cable-free handling!


It is important to charge the product fully before first use – this is easy with the supplied USB charging cable: simply dock the cable on the metal contact point of the toy provided for this purpose.


If the charging cable does not attach by itself, connect it to the power circuit and wait for a moment – this will reactivate the magnetic effect and the contact will connect automatically.


The LED will blink while the product is being charged.


Once the product is charged, the LED will stay lit.


The initial charge may take up to eight hours.


Full product description can be found here


  • Length: 16cm
  • Inner Diameter: 1cm
  • Material: Silicone, ABS
  • Max. charging current: 500 mA
  • Battery: Li-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 450 mAh
  • Specifications Charging voltage: 5V
  • Charging time: approx. 2.5h Usage period: approx. 30min
  • Storage temperature: -5°C – 60°C
  • Interface: USB Charging
  • The toy is rechargeable and enables easy, cable-free handling.
  • Color: Rose Gold






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